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Loading shortcuts to .txt files using drag-and-drop!

Loading shortcuts to .txt files using drag-and-drop!

Postby Nolan on Mon Jun 10, 2013 6:18 am

Hey sublime people!
I've created some shortcuts on my desktop (Windows 7) for some txt files (but not necessarily txt) that are on my Dropbox and guess what? If I try loading them using drag-and-drop, Sublime Text will open not the actual file, but the shortcut file itself! I'll see something like this on ST:

Code: Select all
006f 006e 006f 0067 0072 0061 0066 0069
0061 0000 0018 0068 0032 000d 0200 00bf
4283 4e20 0052 4546 4552 4e7e 312e 5458
5400 004c 0008 0004 00ef beb0 4265 03b0
4265 032a 0000 0049 3d02 0000 0009 0000

... but way bigger than this.
I can't take them out of Dropbox because I need them synched... so I created those shortcuts.
Is this yet to be implemented or can this be worked around? Sublime Text was supposed to load the actual file the shortcut points to... so there could be a function to automatically have ST make a quick search when .lnk files are loaded then load the real file... :)

p.s. I'm not sure this would be better fit on a feature-suggestion area, so, if that's the case, I apologise in advance.
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