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Key bindings: Can't bind [super+., super+key] shortcut OSX

Key bindings: Can't bind [super+., super+key] shortcut OSX

Postby mikey_s on Fri Jul 12, 2013 1:23 pm

Hey there,

Today I've installed GoSublime plug in which adds GoLang support to Sublime Text 2.
GoSublime's key bindings rely heavily on [super+., super+key] shortcuts.

Unfortunately, pressing the sequences either didn't produce anything, or just produces the `super+key` binding alone (ignoring the super+. one).

Meaning that for some reason, super+. gets ignored. I couldn't find any conflict in any of my other installed plugins... I also know that there's no super+. shortcut configured on my OSX.

Any idea what could actually cause this?
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