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Tab completion behavior -- possible to get bash-like?

Tab completion behavior -- possible to get bash-like?

Postby JarrettBillingsley on Fri Jul 19, 2013 2:50 am

Currently the tab-completion in ST (I'm on ST2 still) cycles through a list of possible completions. This is... suboptimal for how I want to use it. I know it uses fuzzy searching, but it's extremely difficult to come up with "fuzzy names" on the fly which unambiguously tab-complete to the full name. Instead, I'd prefer it if the tab completion would complete only as much as is unambiguous and then let me type a few more characters and hit tab again to complete. In other words, exactly what bash does.

So if I have the names "updateCustomer", "updateCompany", and "updateSupplier" in scope, I'd like to be able to type "up<tab>", at which point it would complete "update"; then I'd type "cus<tab>" and it'd complete to "updateCustomer".

Is there some undocumented option (as if there's any other kind), or possibly a third-party package?
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