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Indent with C++ doesn't work at all

Indent with C++ doesn't work at all

Postby Daniel123456789 on Wed Jul 31, 2013 8:05 pm

Reindent lines just doesn't seem to work with C++, here's a fairly simple case

void main()
printf("Hello, world.\n");
printf("Hello, world.\n"); // I am simple
printf("Hello, world.\n");

(I think the site strips whitespace so just put in some random leading whitespace, which is what reindent is supposed to fix.)

Try to reindent it. Doesn't work right.

It seems like this is a simple enough example to pretty much say the feature doesn't work. Personally I can't use it, this is my #1 issue with sublime text, I've switched from emacs and I miss the feeling I had with emacs indentation that whitespace was basically all taken care of for me. :(
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