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BUG:when editing one line, spaces on other lines are deleted

BUG:when editing one line, spaces on other lines are deleted

Postby kkurian on Thu Aug 01, 2013 8:30 pm

Sublime Text 2. Version 2.0.2. Build 2221.

Sometimes, when I have YAML file with something like:

Code: Select all
blargh: |
  [ 2 spaces on an empty line ]
  something else
foo: yadda

editing *anything anywhere in the file* causes the 2 spaces on the empty line to disappear!

The behavior exists whether editing in YAML mode or Plain Text mode. I do not have a small snippet of a file that I can post here to show the behavior -- I'm not sure what feature in the file triggers this behavior -- but I do have a rather large YAML file that repeatably demonstrates this behavior.

In the attached images, notice that a line of spaces at the top of the image disappears when I type a space into a line at the bottom of the image. (Well, I would upload images except that I got the error message "Sorry, the board attachment quota has been reached.")

Due to this behavior, YAML blocks throughout the file become broken due to edits elsewhere in the file! Very Bad [tm]. Help.

It seems that shutting down Sublime Text and then re-opening it causes the behavior to go away for awhile. So, apparently it does not have to do with the size/content of the file. It has to do with how long and/or how many edits have been applied to the file during the life of running application instance. Strange, indeed.

Just turned off trim_automatic_whitespace. Hopefully that disables the behavior entirely but even if it does that does not explain the issue reported here AFAICT.
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