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Problem with Sublime CodeIntel

Problem with Sublime CodeIntel

Postby supersuraccoon on Mon Aug 19, 2013 7:27 am

I've been looking for a light weight IDE for writing game in javascript with cocos2d-html5 framework and I found sublime text a really good choice.

I am using Sublime Text 2 and I have installed package control and Sublime CodeIntel successfully.

Then I created a folder in my game project with a config file containing the framework path:

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   "JavaScript": {
      "javascriptExtraPaths": [

But here is the problem:

Here is part of the code:
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this.cliLayer = CLILayer.create(700, 250);

If I "Ctrl+Click" at the “CLILayer” then the "CLILayer.js" file will be opened correctly.
Then I "Ctrl+Click" the "addLog" hoping that it will bring me the to the definition inside the
CLILayer.js but it just gives me a warning saying:

"Evaluation this.cliLayer.addLog ...... could not resolve first part of this.cliLayer.addLog".

Hope someone can help me, thanks :)
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