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Missing Snippets

Missing Snippets

Postby brad_ on Sun Sep 01, 2013 10:42 pm


I took some time today to write up a bunch of snippets. Most show up in the Command Palette if I start typing in their names but some do not.

For example, if I type in "snippet generic while" it will show me a snippet I have named "Generic while.sublime-snippet" in the Command Palette list. The description tag for this snippet has "Generic while loop" as its contents.

I have another snippet named "Java Private.sublime-snippet" with a description tag "Java private method" and it does not show up in the Command Palette when I type "snippet Java private".

The snippets work fine if I type the trigger word. The problem is that sometimes I forget the trigger word so I want to be able to search my snippets via the Command Palette.

Is there someone who can explain this behavior? Perhaps I have something set wrong.

I do have my User folder set up in an unusual way. Since I use Sublime 2 on both my Mac and Win 7 box I have a symbolic link in the Sublime folder that points to a folder in my Dropbox named User. This way I have access to everything without having to maintain two distinct installations.

Thanks for the help.
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