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Disabling autocomplete (directions aren't working)

Disabling autocomplete (directions aren't working)

Postby hetchjay on Wed Sep 18, 2013 4:32 pm

I have a bunch of old hand-written HTML code that I work on and autocomplete is pretty annoying since it tries to close a bunch of unclosed but unimportant tags, e.g. </li>.

Here's what I tried:
1. Used the sublime.packages_path() command to find packages folder (in Windows)
2. Navigated to ...AppData\Roaming\Sublime Text 3\Packages\User, where indeed I see a bunch of settings files.
3. Created an HTML.sublime-settings file which contains exactly the text:

"auto_complete": false

This did nothing, so I decided to disable auto-complete altogether.
4. To do this, I edited ...AppData\Roaming\Sublime Text 3\Packages\User\Preferences.sublime-settings, which now reads exactly:

"font_size": 10,
"auto_complete": false,

This also did not stop autocomplete (even after restarting sublime)

5. Looked again at the official autocomplete page at http://www.sublimetext.com/docs/3/auto_complete.html. This suggests using "Preferences/File Settings - User", but Under the preferences tab, there is no "File Settings - User" tab, only "Settings - User" -- and that just takes me to that file I edited in step 4 (and I can see that it includes the show "auto-complete": false line, with no apparent effect)
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