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Sublime Text - Adding autocompletions for IDL

Sublime Text - Adding autocompletions for IDL

Postby cricrazy on Fri Oct 25, 2013 6:34 pm

I am trying to add autocompletions for IDL in Sublime Text 2 on Windows 7. I created a IDL folder under packages. and created IDL.sublime-completions file. But I can't seem to get the auto completion. Here is how the file look like.

Code: Select all
    "scope": "source.IDL",

        { "trigger": "a", "contents": "COMMON" },
        { "trigger": "goto", "contents": "GOTO" },
        { "trigger": "float", "contents": "FLOAT" },
        { "trigger": "until", "contents": "UNTIL" }
} }

I read the ST2 auto completions help documentation (http://docs.sublimetext.info/en/sublime ... tions.html). It seems the issue is with the scope. Somehow, it cannot identify the IDL language.

Please help.
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