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Sublime 3, error saving to Dropbox

Sublime 3, error saving to Dropbox

Postby Dan4SublimeForum on Mon Jan 20, 2014 8:52 pm

I'm running build 3059 64-bit windows 8.1

When I try to save a new file to Dropbox, I get the following message in an error dialog, but it saves never-the-less. Subsequent saves or save as.. don't seem to generate the error but it returns every time the program is launched.

Unable to save D:\Oropbox\Writing Projects\Blog-PhysiciansPractice\Pubhshed as Text\xx.txt
Error: MovefileEx(D:\Oropbox\Writing Projects\Blog-PhysiciansPractice\Pubhshed as Text\.Subl29.tmp,
D:\Oropbox\Writing Projects\Blog-PhysiciansPractice\Pubhshed as Text\xxx.txt) failed, Access is denied.
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