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Latex will no longer compile. Not sure why

Latex will no longer compile. Not sure why

Postby jameshammer3 on Thu Apr 10, 2014 5:30 am

I am getting a weird error in the Ubuntu version of sublime text-2 that looks like the following:

Error loading syntax file "Packages/LaTeXing/support/LaTeX.tmLanguage": Unable to open Packages/LaTeXing/support/LaTeX.tmLanguage

I am not sure how to fix it. I tried the LatexTools Reconfigure and Mitigate settings; however, this did not fix the problem. I am also getting this in the Package Control Message:

Package Control Messages


LaTeXTools Plugin version 2014-03-12 changelog:

HEADLINE FEATURE: New, fully customizable build system! For now,
things work more or less as before, but the infrastructure is there to
customize things beyond your wildest dreams!

NOTE: due to the change in the build system, I had to overhaul the preferences settings. Please READ THIS before proceeding any further:

* From now on, LaTeXTools will use a single settings file, called
`LaTeXTools.sublime-settings`, which *mustexist in the `User`
directory. By this I mean that LaTeXTools *will not workuntil you
have a proper `LaTeXTools.sublime-settings` file in the `User`

* Because of this, LaTeXtools provides an easy way to
create it, and even *automagicallymigrate your settings from any old
`LaTeXTools Preferences.sublime-settings` file you may have. In
Sublime Text, open the command palette from the Tools menu, search
for "LaTeXTools: Reconfigure and migrate settings," and hit Return.
That's it! Check the README for details.

New features:

- New pluggable build system back-end
- Two standard builders: "traditional" (the default; same as in
previous releases, using latexmk/texify) and "simple" (invokes tex
and friends directly). Switch using a simple configuration setting.
- With the "traditional" builder, the TeX engine and build command can
be customized by editing simple options in "LaTeXTools.sublime-settings"
- Remark snippet (Ivan Canay)

Bugs fixed:

- Removed annoying brace-matching behavior with indented text (thanks
Ivan Canay for reporting this issue)

Any help you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Thank you for your time!
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