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Linux Sublime Text Link Tip

Linux Sublime Text Link Tip

Postby tsyroid on Tue Feb 08, 2011 3:51 am

Evenin' all,

Just a quick tip for anyone out there -- like me -- who's been looking for a solution to using Sublime Text from a Linux dock. Scratched around for several days until I found a solution.

A little background: Linux Mint 10; latest Sublime Text 2 alpha; latest stable Gnome; don't like icons cluttering my gorgeous wallpaper; Use "Docky" as my application/menu launcher.

However... given the early state of Sublime, and the fact it's started from a script, Linux doesn't recognize it as an "internal program". So you can't just drop it on a dock, or even "pin" it there once started. Add to this conundrum the fact that applications that aren't "pinned" to Docky lose the functionality of my beloved Synapse/Zeitgeist integration. Oh bother.

Here's the cure:

1. Right-click your menu emblem (in my case, mintmenu); edit menu; add an entry under your desired category.
2. Test entry to ensure everything works as advertised.
3. Select new Sublime Text menu entry, hold-left-button and drag to dock; drop where you want it positioned.
4. Right-click dock icon, select "pin to dock".
Viola. Docked, launch-able, and integrated with Zeitgeist.

Of course, all this will be moot down the road when Sublime becomes a "registered" app... but my itch is scratched.

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Re: Linux Sublime Text Link Tip

Postby sublimeuser on Fri Feb 11, 2011 6:20 am

Managed to get it docked, but Zeitgeist ain't working.

When I right click on the dock item, I also see the refresh icon with the text journal.

Ubuntu 10.10 - x64

I would love it to have features like the right-click entry for gedit on the dock:
"New File/Window"
"Current File being Edited"
"Recently Closed Items"
"Most used items"
"Clear list"
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