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Find in Files Not Working

Find in Files Not Working

Postby makke on Thu Jun 26, 2014 3:06 am


I am having trouble with "Find in Files" on Win 7 64 bit. Is there a limit on the size of file that Sublime will search without the file being open?

The file with the string for which I am searching is 123MB. If I perform the search without this file being open, the search does not find anything. If I perform the same search (Find in Files, not just Find) with the file open, the search succeeds. Here are examples:

With the file open:

    Searching 405 files for "RBE.*62962980" (regex)

    G:\2. PATHFINDER in SSDIF\SSDIF_PF_June_2014\OGSE1\SMSS\gbisson\SMSS\CDA\PF-Parts\PF-SMSS-MLRM-BP-Assy.bdf:
    1464676 * 62635398
    1464677 *
    1464678: RBE3* 62962980 63053566 3
    1464679 * 1. 123 62635405 62635403
    1464680 * 62635406

    1 match in 1 file
Without the file open:

    Searching 405 files for "RBE.*62962980" (regex)

    0 matches across 0 files

Removing the regex and just searching for, say, "62962980" yields the same result. The file, at 123MB, takes a while to open in Sublime Text 3. The search through all 405 files takes about the same amount of time as opening this one file. I don't usually have problems with search, so I am wondering if Sublime is skipping files that are larger than a certain size... Any suggestions?

Thank you,

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