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Interactive build process planned?

Interactive build process planned?

Postby ProPuke on Thu May 19, 2011 1:52 am

Are there any plans to follow the build system interactively, rather than displaying the results when it completes? (I merely mean watch it update live, not involve interaction with the user)

For some languages (for instance C++ when doing template coding) a compile can take a while to complete and it is often desirable for the first errors to show while the others still generate in the background.

For instance, in the case of C++ template coding, or modification if a critical header file, the compiler may potentially generate thousands of errors over a large range of time. In this case you often want to know errors are occurring so that you can abort build immediately & correct them, rather than having to wait for the task to eventually expire and the errors to become visible.

I'm not requesting this (although it would be nice to have it when possible), I am merely asking if there are plans for this on the table.

Just finished a custom build system, but it doesn't halt on error (nor do I want it to). This makes it a large inconvenience to use from within sublime atm. (Which is a shame, because this was actually the goal. I wanted to leverage myself away from my existing ide :] )

Anyways, cheers & all the best xx
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