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ST not following system keyboard setting

ST not following system keyboard setting

Postby ericography on Sat May 21, 2011 1:03 pm

I'm on Snow Leopard and have my system set to use the Dvorak - Qwerty ⌘ keyboard layout. For those unfamiliar, this means that the keyboard is in Dvorak except when the Command key is held, where it reverts to Qwerty. This is supposed to allow the use of the Qwerty key-combos for functions like cut, copy, paste, open, save, etc. My problem is that in Sublime Text 2 (I did not test Sublime Text 1) the change to Qwerty when the Command key is held does not work. For example, if I try to save a file with ⌘-s --the second letter key on the home row: 's' in Qwerty, 'o' in Dvorak)--Sublime Text still sees that key-combo as ⌘-o and brings up the open file dialog. What am I missing?

I took a look at the Sublime Text settings and did not see anything that explains this behavior; I also have not come across any other program that ignores the switch back to Qwerty when the Command key is held. I do not see how this would be an issue with the keymap file in Sublime Text. When I show the OSX keyboard viewer and hold the Command key the layout reverts to Qwerty, and so while I hold the Command key, Sublime Text should receive an 's' when I then press the second letter key on the home row...but maybe I am misunderstanding the flow from keyboard -> OSX -> Sublime Text(?). I appreciate any ideas on how to get this to work as expected.
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