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user key bindings not working?

user key bindings not working?

Postby adabsurdo on Wed Jun 15, 2011 2:39 pm


I'm trying to add some key bindings to the user file but it doesn't seem to be working? Or perhaps I'm doing it wrong? (I'm a new user)

This is my user keymap:
{ "keys": ["alt+shift+s"], "command": "prompt_save_as" },
{ "keys": ["ctrl+shift+s"], "command": "save_all" }

The only effect it is having is to put CTRL+SHIFT+S in the menu for Save All. "Save As" is still showing CTRL+SHIFT+S, and the actual keymap hasn't changed.

But if I put the same lines in the global keymap, it is working.

I'm using build # 2065 from today.

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