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Invoking a specific build system with a hotkey?

Invoking a specific build system with a hotkey?

Postby jeremysf on Mon Jul 11, 2011 9:37 pm

In ST2, can I bind a specific build system to a key?

I have JSLint set as the build system for .js files, so that it invokes JSLint for the current JSLint file.

I'd like to have Command+Shift+B invoke a different JSLint command that runs on all the files in the project.

I know I can do:

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{ "keys": ["super+shift+b"], "command": "exec", "args" : [] }

But I'm not able to access the $project_path variables, etc.

Does the "build" command take any arguments? Something like the following (which does not work) would be cool:

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{ "keys": ["super+shift+b"], "command": "build", "args" : [ "JSLint All"] }

Any ideas?

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