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Find in Folder UX issue (toggling)

Find in Folder UX issue (toggling)

Postby las6 on Fri Jul 22, 2011 8:40 am

Sorry if this has been mentioned before and sorry for posting this because it is really a very minor annoyance:

Right-clicking a folder (in Side Bar) and selecting a 'Find in Folder' while having the search already open (but for example, having the wrong "location" [folder]...) hides the search area. The expected result in my case would be that it would change the search location to the folder I'm clicking. Toggling/hiding *could* occur if you try to search from the folder you are already searching from (= same search settings). It makes sense (sort of) when you try to do it with just one folder (keeps toggling it), it's a PITA when you switch between two folders.

Windows, Sublime Text 2 - Build 2076

p.s Lovely app, but the price is a bit steep for now. Maybe if it had search & replace from project/folder and UI for changing/viewing different encodings and so on ...
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