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Disable Window Tabs entirely?

Disable Window Tabs entirely?

Postby e1ven on Wed Aug 31, 2011 11:01 am

I'm testing out Sublime on OSX, and I love that I can set it to open in a new window when I double-click a document in the finder, but can I disable the idea of MDI entirely?
If I go to file:open, I'd like it to create a new window as well..

As it is, if I go to file:open, and add a file, even with tabs hidden under View, it acts as if I have multiple tabs..
If I close window (command-w), I go back to the previous "tab", even though there is no visual record of it.

I prefer to disable the sidebar, disable tabs, and just use my window manager to manage the windows ;)

Is there any way to force this to a one-window-one-file paradigm?
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