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Broken Scroll behaviour (OS X) build 2109

Broken Scroll behaviour (OS X) build 2109

Postby d11wtq on Wed Aug 31, 2011 1:56 pm

Minor bug report :)

I just had something odd happen to me when open a file with ~ 300 lines, and therefore naturally requiring a vertical scroll bar.

The file opened and all looked normal (only the visible area of the document was displayed in the view port, a scroll bar was on the right, as expected). However, when attempting to scroll down, nothing was happening. At first I thought my Mac had frozen up, but on further inspection, I noticed that the scroll bar was actually displaying as 100% of the height of the view port, thus indicating that there was in fact nowhere to scroll.

Closing the file and re-opening it corrected the issue. It has only happened to me this once. It's probably irrelevant, but the file was opened with the Quick Open dialog (CMD + T).

EDIT | It's happening again on another file now. Seems to have just started this evening even though I've used it all day just fine.
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