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Equivalent path names treated as different files

Equivalent path names treated as different files

Postby Marciano on Sat Sep 10, 2011 12:10 am

I am experiencing the following behavior on both Mac and Windows with 2115: from the Terminal, if I invoke

subl "/Users/marciano/Documents/file.tex"

and then

subl "/Users/marciano/Documents/./file.tex"

I get *two* open tabs, pointing to the same file, but with a different file name (as verified by hovering). [Of course, on Windows, replace "/" with "\"]

Furthermore, on Windows, if from the command line I invoke

sublime_text.exe "C:\Users\marciano\Documents\file.tex":100

and then

sublime_text.exe "c:\Users\marciano\Documents\file.tex":100

[with a lowercase drive letter "c:" instead of "C:] again I get *two* open tabs. However, if I omit the line number, this is not the case!

Is this behavior intended? On the Mac, TextMate always jumps to the correct file regardless of whether or not "/./" is added to the file name. Also, on Windows, TeXnicCenter does not care if the drive letter is upper or lower case.
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