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Save dialog is modal, locking all open projects for OS X

Save dialog is modal, locking all open projects for OS X

Postby swerdna on Wed Sep 28, 2011 7:38 pm

ST2 uses floating modal save dialogs when saving new files in OS X which means that, while the dialog is open, no open projects can be switched to and, if you've got multiple layered project windows there isn't any context to say which project file you're saving.

It would be great if ST2 used OS X save panels that attach to the parent window of the project (which is what most OS X apps use) as it means the modality is restricted to that project, allowing you to quickly switch to and use other projects without closing the save dialog. It also allows you to be in the process of saving different files in different projects at the same time (this can be useful if you've got two related projects that need to have matching naming schemes or folder structures and you're working on them side by side). Additionally, attaching the save panel to the project window gives clear context of what is being saved.

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