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Custom markup symbols

Custom markup symbols

Postby DSHugo on Fri Oct 07, 2011 8:45 am

Is there any way one could alter/add some sort of custom landmarks/symbols for existing markups?

E.g. if one edits html file, and calls "goto symbol", a list of "ID: {idFromFile}" pops up. Is there a way to add some custom symbols there (by editing current .tmLanguage, maintaining custom one, or any other way around)? The reason I ask is because I have to deal with html templates sometimes, which contain regular markup, divided into blocks with "<% some_block_name %>". It would be cool to have an ability to navigate these blocks for quick access, pretty much like navigating functions in python files.

The second reason why I ask this, is that I miss support for function padding. Whenever one calls a symbols list, e.g. in php, the class and function list pops up. But, unlike for python syntax, functions do not have the representation of their nesting. If one has several classes within the file, it becomes quite bothersome to navigate an unindented list. Does the padding depend in some way on the corresponding .tmLanguage file?
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