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Font rendering in Windows XP

Font rendering in Windows XP

Postby pm6 on Tue Oct 11, 2011 12:57 am

Hello there.

I installed Sublime Text 2 (build 2126) to do PHP development, but I discovered that the font rendering is not perfect in Windows XP:

Left: Sublime Text 2
Right: Notepad++

The font in the right looks much more clear to me, while the left one looks more thick and it has smudges along some glyphs. I am using the font Consolas at 10 points. I tried all the antialiasing options, but there were no difference. Well, not exactly, subpixel_antialias did look different, but not better, at least in my screen.

Is there any other setting for the font rendering that I may be forgetting and can help me reproduce the rendering in the screenshot of the right?


Edit: okay, it looks like combining subpixel_antialias + bold somehow produces a rendering very close to the target:

Not exactly the same, but that's enough for me :) If somebody has any other suggestion about this topic, be my guest :D
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Re: Font rendering in Windows XP

Postby jps on Tue Oct 11, 2011 1:35 am

Sublime Text uses plain GDI for the font rendering on Windows, and will match up pixel-for-pixel with any other application that does the same, provided you give it the same settings. In general, it's best to compare vs plain notepad, and leave the font options empty.
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