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One line build script error

One line build script error

Postby bigc on Wed Oct 19, 2011 11:40 am

I am sure you have had this many times here, although I cannot seem to find an answer.

All I am trying to do is start something in Terminal.

Typing in to Terminal "prolog" will start up my prolog window. The alias prolog is defined in .profile in my user area and works fine when doing it in terminal.

However, trying to do
"cmd": ["prolog"]

does not seem to load it as it says there is no such file or directory. I have also made sure that I am using long file location i.e. /Users/username/prolog/etc/etc instead of ~/prolog/etc/etc

Any ideas?

Extra info. I forgot to mention that doing this for example:
"cmd": ["man"]
returns "What manual page..." which is expected. So do there need to be any specific requirements when loading an executable?
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