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Using Ctrl+R with Java and C# source

Using Ctrl+R with Java and C# source

Postby edrubins on Wed Oct 26, 2011 2:57 pm

Using Ctrl+R with Java and C# source files doesn't find functions. Using Ctrl+P and using #@ does list the variables and functions as the name is typed, but only the first reference to the function, and not the function definition is highlighted in the file window.

Neither Java nor C# use a 'specific keyword (i.e. function, def) to denote a function defintiion. Rather function definitions precede the function name and parameter list with an optional scope keyword (public, protected or private) and the data type returned by the function. Is there any way to get ctrl+r to recognize function definitions that are not preceded by the function keyword - specifically in java and C#?

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