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Bug: Issue with auto save off focus and ftp live editing

Bug: Issue with auto save off focus and ftp live editing

Postby menkom on Wed Nov 02, 2011 11:59 pm

Hi there,

I may just be a converter from my trusty pspad editor ive been using for years to STE.

Primarily because its actively developed and looks amazing.

I have found something that i think is a bug and need to be looked into as it affects my workflow.

Please if someone has a fix or a config setting share it with me so i can resolve this matter.

To replicate:

I use flashfxp as my ftp program, it has a feature to use an external file editor as the viewer so i have set sublime to be the editor.
When i press CTRL+E in flashfxp it basically opens it up in STE and i can edit the file, generally speaking when im finished editing the file and save it on close it auto uploads the file back to the location on the ftp site. This is how ive been running fine with Pspad so far so good.

Now i found a neat feature with sublime that i wanted to use which is auto save on off focus. I tested this if i have 2 window panes and it works fine, even when i open the file direct editing from within flashfxp when i switch between files if ive made an edit i can see it reuploads the file. This is fantastic, so here is the problem.

If i dont have 2 files being edited at the same time the save on off focus does not work right because your not focusing on anything else therefor it does not trigger an autosave. I figured maybe if i just close the program it will trigger an auto save as its off focus ? Well it does HOWEVER, when i re-edit the file again i get the following error message in flash fxp.

"\temp\text.php Has changed on disk. Do you want to reload it ?" This is a dialog box with OK or CANCEL. If i click on OK it loads the last temporary copy of the file from local disk which is the previous version not the current version from the ftp site. If i click CANCEL it does not re load the local copy and i see the latest copy from ftp.

So maybe i can keep click CANCEL from now on and be on my way but that is not good enough if your constantly editing files everyday.

If i do HOWEVER have a single window with auto save the only way i can prevent this is to manual do a CTRL+S save.

What seems to be happening here is that the program is closing premateurly before the auto save is complete there for it does not have time to empty it from temp directory. Since when there is 2 files open and i make changes and switch between the 2 tabs this issue does not exist so im just presuming its something like that.

I thought maybe there is another setting for SAVE ON CLOSE, i checked and found hot exit was enabled so it does not prompt for saving or anything i disabled it so now if the file im editing has any changes when i click CLOSE it does infact alert me to save the file which is fine, it works and it uploads the file to ftp. However because i also have save on off focus it also attempts to do a save, so it basically does a double save if you know what i mean.

For now i think the best thing for me to do is to disable the Save on off focus and just have the save on close feature enabled that works and that is how i have been running with Pspad for years its ok, however its an extra step i probabaly could do without everytime i close the program.

Idealy i would love to see this Auto Save on focus off fixed in someway where it actually has time to save the file before program hot exits or enhance the auto save off focus so that hovering over something else other than the active tab triggers a auto save... not sure... ill leave this up to the programmers to decide on this.

Just thought id put my 2 cents in and i hope there is a fix for this problem soon.

Thanks very much, keep up the good work.
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