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User key bindings & menu shortcut

User key bindings & menu shortcut

Postby plang on Sun Dec 18, 2011 9:44 am


User key bindings don't seem to be "in sync" with the menu shortcut, at least on Mac OSX. After changing a few key bindings, I was expecting to see them besides in the menu, but it is not the case. The old shortcut is still here.

Code: Select all
   { "keys": ["super+shift+right"], "command": "indent" },
   { "keys": ["super+shift+left"], "command": "unindent" },
   { "keys": ["super+shift+up"], "command": "fold" },
   { "keys": ["super+shift+down"], "command": "unfold" }

Am I doing something wrong maybe?

Best regards, and thanks for Sublime Text, a fantastic piece of software.
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