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coldfusion comment block theming

Re: coldfusion comment block theming

Postby atomi on Fri Jan 27, 2012 3:07 pm

I just confirmed comment triggers are working fine on a clean install.
You can try removing the contents of your Data folder and git cloning the ColdFusion package again or doing a clean install again.

Anyway, as far as the coloring/theming goes, if you want to match the ColdFusion comment blocks, the scope in your theme file for comments should be:

Code: Select all
and that it matches all comment.block.* scopes
Code: Select all
text.html.cfm comment.block
but this will match only comment.block.* comments in text.html.cfm
Right now your theme is set to
Code: Select all
<string>source comment.block</string>
which only matches comment.block in source.* files

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