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[2176] Bug: file descriptors hanging around

[2176] Bug: file descriptors hanging around

Postby asmodai on Thu Feb 09, 2012 10:32 am


in the latest build, 2176, there's a bug with regard to holding onto file descriptors of open files on Windows (Windows 7 in my case).

Test case:

1) Create a directory, say C:\Test
2) Create a document in said directory, say C:\Test\Test.txt
3) Open it in SublimeText 2
4) Close the file with SublimeText 2 and keep SublimeText 2 open
5) Delete the file
6) Go up to C:\
7) Delete the directory and get greeted with a message that there's still a program using this directory.
8) Close SublimeText 2 and delete the directory, which now works

So it seems SublimeText 2 is holding some file descriptor to either the file or directory around.
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