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Weird memory / cpu leak

Weird memory / cpu leak

Postby metalball on Tue Feb 14, 2012 7:05 am

Hey all,
My first time posting here, I'm totally new to SublimeText, using the trial for about a week or two and lovin' it.

So the problem is when I'm leaving the Sublime open after I'm going home, there are 2-3 projects open with 3-5 files open in each (not large, some php, some css or .htaccess files), and when coming back in the morning, usually I find it stuck, with 100% CPU usage and about 1GB of RAM. The windows almost non responsive.

I had this bug with the first installation, I don't remember what build was it, but couple days ago I've updated it to 2177 and the bug is still here.
There are some plugins I've installed, and the "word highlighter" was returning a "slow responsive plugin" message, so I've turned it off... There are some helper plugins, SFTP plug, Autoident etc... maybe it's one of them, I don't know.

My OS is Ubuntu64 11.10.
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