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Odd shaking when entering text mid-document

Odd shaking when entering text mid-document

Postby chrislambistan on Thu Mar 01, 2012 12:50 pm

Hey there, love the editor. I'm looking for a cross-platform programmer's editor like this and I'm currently demoing it on my Macs and Linux boxen. I'll purchase when you go gold with ST2, I expect.

Anyway, I've encountered this odd 'text shaking' issue. I open a document (a ruby file). A script, not a class (if it matters). I have functions defined in the first part of file. When I edit those functions, essentially mid file, the display seems to shake. It's difficult to explain, but it seems to shift to the side and back quickly with every character entered.

It's acting like the line numbers in the gutter are adding a character (e.g. going from 1 to two digits), though that's not the case (file has something like 40 lines).

ST2 Build: 2181
Ubuntu 10.04

I haven't seen this on my macs.
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