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Select previous line (expand_selection backwards)

Select previous line (expand_selection backwards)

Postby temoto on Thu Mar 22, 2012 10:20 am

If that helps to understand the issue, in vim i extensively used line selection (capital V) mode. So great Sublime has it too. But only in one direction?
Is it possible to do expand_selection "to": "line", but to previous line instead of next?

{ "keys": ["ctrl+l"], "command": "expand_selection", "args": {"to": "line"} },

{ "keys": ["ctrl+shift+l"], "command": "expand_selection", "args": {"to": "line"}, {"forward": "false"} },
or similar

The select_lines forward=false seems to do close to wanted thing except it creates multiple cursors which breaks expected (usual?) copy-paste behaviour.
{ "keys": ["alt+shift+up"], "command": "select_lines", "args": {"forward": false} },
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