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Sublime Text 2 hangs with shared SublimeLinter package

Sublime Text 2 hangs with shared SublimeLinter package

Postby davraamides on Sat Mar 31, 2012 10:47 pm

I'm having a strange problem where ST2 hangs at startup when I'm sharing my Packages folder through Dropbox. I have ST2 on two Macs and one Windows machine and share my Packages folder by linking from the local Packages folder to the shared one in Dropbox.

I narrowed it down to the SublimeLinter package: if that one is present, ST2 will not start and I need to Force Quit it. If it is not there, ST2 starts up fine. I tried deleting the .pyc files but that made no difference.

What's odd is that if I run ST2 without SublimeLinter, then install it from Package Control, it works. I just can't get it to use the existing one that I originally installed from a Windows machine. This is on my iMac, but on my MB Air, ST2 works fine with the shared SublimeLinter package.

Is there any log file or way I can force a dump of the app to understand what's going on? I really want a simple way to keep my setup in sync across the three machines.

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Re: Sublime Text 2 hangs with shared SublimeLinter package

Postby aparajita on Tue Apr 03, 2012 5:45 am

You're saying you have a symlink on the Mac from ~/Library/Sublime Text/Packages to ~/DropBox/Packages? If this is failing, file an issue on github.
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