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Wrap Tag Inconsistent Behaviour

Wrap Tag Inconsistent Behaviour

Postby skube on Mon Apr 23, 2012 6:58 pm

I've noticed a slight inconsistency with the wrap tag functionality...

If syntax is set to HTML, then everything works as expected. I can select some text and use the shortcut (Alt+Shift+W) to wrap a tag around the text. However, if I change syntax to say, XML, using the shortcut will format the tag on new lines (perhaps XML convention), instead of on one line. The inconsistent part is if I choose to perform the exact same action using menu (Edit -> Tag -> Wrap Selection With Tag) instead of using the shortcut, it will behave as expected and wrap the tag around the selected text on one line.

Personally, I would prefer the wrap tag functionality not to re-format my new lines. At the very least, it should be consistent.


- using build 2181
- Windows 7 x64
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