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About Folders Icons & Undo history resetting on save

About Folders Icons & Undo history resetting on save

Postby rud on Fri Jun 01, 2012 4:00 pm


I am fairly new to sblm, coming fromt he Coda world..
So far I am very pleased with sblm, and have to admit I feel it might be my next favorite coding minion.

But so far, a few "minor" things keep bugging me.
I tried to search for these on the forums but I couldn't find something matching my case ..

So basically, two points:

1) I am using sblm and the sftp/ftp package, (upload_on_save set to true - I just feel I should precise I'm using this package, but I doubt my issue is related to it), when I currently save a document, the undo history seems to be reset. Is it possible to keep the undo history even if you save the file you are working on (and, typically, keep it until you close sblm)
I have found several plugins that keep unlimited copies of the files you are working on, but this is not really what I need ..
All I want is to be able to get back in history before I did my last "save"

2) I am under OSX, and working on big file structure projects, I still -somehow- need the sidebar & Folders view for day to day work. Problem is the fact that elements in the folder view have no "icons" (files look the same as folders, albeit the tiny arrow in front of them), believe it or not, this is causing my brain to take more time to identify what it's looking at (guess I was well trained / tamed, and used to stupid icons for files and folders) .. Is there currently any possibility in the code to add your own icons ? Or has any one already looked into that ?

Big cheers to the sblm team, and all the comitters, you did an incredible job !

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