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[BUG] Edit → Wrap → Wrap paragraph at ruler

[BUG] Edit → Wrap → Wrap paragraph at ruler

Postby DJMurtz on Thu Jun 14, 2012 12:59 pm

This is my User.sublime-settings file:

Code: Select all
   "rulers": [100],
   "wrap_width": 100

This is my Markdown.sublime-settings file:

Code: Select all
   "rulers": [74]

Now, whenever I use the "Wrap paragraph at ruler" option, the paragraph is actually wrapped at the 100 line, instead of the 74 line that I use in Markdown. Only after I remove wrap_width does that command actually wrap at the ruler.

So either the name is confusing, the wrap_width always overrides the "wrap at ruler" combined with rulers settings, or this is a bug.
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