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Build 2200 auto completition and less files

Build 2200 auto completition and less files

Postby mediastuttgart on Wed Jun 20, 2012 6:18 pm

Since build 2200 and the rework of CSS completions, the tab completion for custom variables (and already existing) do not work as expected.

Code: Select all
a {

    color : #FFF;

a.foo {
    color : #F /* now hit tab and "#FFF" doesn't show up */

replacing the "css_completions.pyc" in the css package with a earlier version and deleting "css_completions.py" seems to fix the issue. so there must be some changes to those files breaking the completition.

refs. https://github.com/danro/LESS-sublime/issues/9 for the sake of completeness.

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