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Who is maintaining builtin packages?

Who is maintaining builtin packages?

Postby aziz on Wed Jun 27, 2012 2:41 pm

Who is maintaining built-in packages? Are they hosted somewhere? Is it possible to report bugs and send patches?

trying to improve my color-scheme for Markdown I found a couple of bugs in markdown.tmLanguage that I don't know where to report and in case I fixed them how should I share it with the others

here are the markdown.tmLanguag bugs:

- Multi line bold/italic does not work
- Bullets and ordered lists that are not separated by a new line are not detected
- Settext style headers does not set a proper scope for the header text
- Linked images will not be detected (do not get proper scope) [![image][1]][2]
- Tables are not supported
- Fenced code blocks are not supported
- meta.image.inline.markdown punctuation.definition.string.begin.markdown has no equivalent string.end.markdown
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