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JSP Highlighting works in TextMate but *NOT* Sublime. HELP!

JSP Highlighting works in TextMate but *NOT* Sublime. HELP!

Postby mrdctaylor on Thu Oct 29, 2009 1:04 pm

Ok. I've posted a message and several comments about this problem and I've got some more information. I understand that Sublime uses TextMate syntax highlighting. I was told that since JSP syntax highlighting doesn't seem to work properly in Sublime, it is the fault of the TextMate bundle.

I just installed TextMate on an old Mac I have here in the office and VOILA--JSP syntax highlighting works perfectly. So I guess this is really a bug report. Either the developers are not including the latest Java/JSP bundle from TextMate (doubtful--I'm sure it is several years old) or there is a bug in the way Sublime reads these syntax definition files (this is my guess).

Basically, anything between the <? ?> tags is not being highlighted. I've tried to show this in this screen cap. It shows Sublime and my current text editor (TextPad):

http://bearspace.baylor.edu/David_Taylo ... imejsp.jpg

If it isn't reading this syntax definition properly, it makes me wonder if there are others that aren't being read properly.

To the developers: thanks for a really cool editor. Keep up the great work. I hope to use it soon, but I do lots of JSP development. :-)
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