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Setting Up Xdebug w/ ST2 using SublimeXdebug

Setting Up Xdebug w/ ST2 using SublimeXdebug

Postby Valjas on Wed Jul 11, 2012 11:13 pm

Hello Everyone,

I'm having problems getting Xdebug to fully work with ST2. I've searched and searched and searched for information, but I can't find any complete directions on how to setup Xdebug and get it working with PHP on my Mac localhost. Progress so far:

  • Xdebug does seem to be installed correctly. When running phpinfo() Xdebug does correctly show up as a loaded module
  • I have SublimeXdebug installed in ST2. If I hit Shift+F8 it does pop open the control menu which gives me the optiosn to start debugging or to set/toggle/clear breakpoints. When I click start debug it does pop open to boxes which I assume would be the context and stack areas. However, they never populate and the other options are never presented which I've read should be presented once SX starts listening.
  • I have the following settings in my php.ini file:

Does anyone have an idea where I might be going wrong or perhaps a link to a tutorial on setting up SX w/ ST2 on Mac OSX localhost? Any help is greatly appreciated!
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