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VintageEx Keybindings and Disabling Replace.

VintageEx Keybindings and Disabling Replace.

Postby earthmeLon on Mon Aug 13, 2012 6:25 pm

I have added the following to my VintageEx configuration (Default.sublime-keymap):

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   { "keys": ["insert"], "command": "enter_insert_mode",
         {"key": "setting.command_mode"},
         {"key": "selection_empty"}

This allows me to use the INSERT key to enable INSERT MODE (as this is what I'm used to within vim itself). I have tried adding different keymaps to try to access 'REPLACE MODE', but it seems VintageEx does not support/have REPLACE MODE.

I am not really worried about REPLACE MODE (outside the scope of this forum), but I am still interested in solving a problem I am having: I would like to disable the normal behavior of the insert key, and prevent the insert key from toggling between INSERT and REPLACE mode within Sublime Text 2. Another words, I would like to determine what the INSERT key does specifically.

I've noticed this line within the Global Default keymapping:
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{ "keys": ["insert"], "command": "toggle_overwrite" },

I believe commenting out this line will solve my issue, however, I'm reading that I should be making adjustments to my User keymapping. What should I do to override this setting within my User keymapping?
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Re: VintageEx Keybindings and Disabling Replace.

Postby tmuka on Thu Apr 11, 2013 3:56 pm

You likely already figured this out, but hopefully this answer helps somebody else.

I just added this line to my User Key Mappings file so the insert key puts me in insert mode like i'm used to in Vim.
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   { "keys": ["insert"], "command": "enter_insert_mode" }
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