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Color for new scope

Color for new scope

Postby AndyPhilpotts on Mon Aug 20, 2012 3:41 pm

As part of a language definition I have created new scopes to get some syntax coloring. To get it to work at all I carefully used scopes with a prefix that is well known, here is an example:

{ "match": "^LOG:.*$",
"name": "comment.info.inklog",
"comment": "For log lines"

The scope "comment" is understood so I get the coloring, however, what if I wanted a particular color? Sure, I could edit the current theme, but then I lose that if I change themes. I rather "break the rules" by adding a color for "comment.info.inklog" explicitly somewhere it would affect all themes. Where and how could I do that?

Just figuring out what the "standard" scopes are was tricky. Is there a list somewhere of what should be supported, I assume theme writers would need that information.

(As context I am coloring lines in a plain text log file, based on prefix, where I have lines for information, warning and error, as well as start/end log tags)
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