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pygame autocompletion

pygame autocompletion

Postby Noktai on Tue Aug 21, 2012 11:07 pm


I downloaded sublime text yesterday, and have indeed fallen in love as the main page claims haha.
Recently started using python, but absolutely hated being in eclipse.
sublime text is incredibly awesome, but it seems to be having some trouble with autocompletion on the pygame library.

It is able to autocomplete custom made modules perfectly fine, but it does not seem to complete the pygame modules properly.
Example; It will suggest pygame.image properly after the "." but pygame.image. suggest only some general variables and functions like "info" and "__class__".
The pygame module is not part of the added project folders, but it still is able to suggest pygame.image, so I'm not sure what is going wrong.

I have already installed the SublimeCodeIntel plugin.
Any help?

edit: It also seems that there are is no indication for requested parameters in the autocomplemete dialog for functions. Yes, I am very picky :D
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