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Files in a folder which is linked don't show

Files in a folder which is linked don't show

Postby michael.perrin on Thu Aug 23, 2012 9:41 am

Steps to reproduce:
In a folder, execute this in a folder of your choice:
Code: Select all
mkdir -p bug-st-project/test/myfolder
cd bug-st-project
touch test/myfolder/test.css
ln -s test/myfolder myfolder-link

Then create a project in Sublime Text and add the bug-st-project to it ("Project" menu - "Add folder to project" entry)

Check the folders on the left sidebar and unfold test/myfolder. You will notice that the test.css doesn't show up whereas it does in the myfolder-link folder.

The test.css only appears in the myfolder-link folders and doesn't appear in the test/myfolder folder.
Ctrl-P - typing test.css doesn't show twice test.css.

Expected result:
The test.css file should show up both in the test/myfolder and myfolder-link folders.

System : Linux (didn't try on Mac OS X so far)

Thanks :)
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