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Sublime text unresponsive on mac

Sublime text unresponsive on mac

Postby needhelp on Thu Aug 30, 2012 3:59 am


I was trying to do a find in replace and a moderately large python file (1,500) lines. Unfortunately every time I would try the find and replace, the text editor would freeze and I would have to force quit.

I did that like three or four times until I used another program to do the find and replace. Unfortunately, now I cannot open that file in sublime text. Everytime I try, the loading bar appears and does not progress and the rainbow spinner appears.

I am able to open the python file in textedit and copy the text into sublime. However, the moment that I try to apply python syntax highlighting or save it as a .py file, the application freezes. I had sublimelinter and package control installed.

However I tried removing sublime. I even remove all the preference files from the library. However, when I reinstalled sublime, it encountered the same problem. This was without any plugins installed. I cannot save/syntax highlight that file as a python file. This almost completely makes sublime unusable for me.
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