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LatexTools : wrong file for "next error" jump

LatexTools : wrong file for "next error" jump

Postby GerardLambert on Thu Aug 30, 2012 9:58 am

Hi everyone,

I'm trying sublime/latextools since a few days and I'm really convinced by those !

I'm still having an issue with the "next error" staff :
I defined my own package that I use like that ” \usepackage{../../../my_package}”
then when there is error in my code (in my main file), the error refers to my_package.sty, but the number of line are correct.

* main.tex :
Code: Select all

* results of building :
Code: Select all
There were errors in your LaTeX source
../../../my_package.sty:3: LaTeX Error: Environment docment undefined. [\begin{docment}]

And when I click on the error I naturally arrived in my_package.sty instead of main.tex...
Any ideas about why that's happening ? huge thanks for the help in advance !

edit : some news, it is apparently related to the presence in my_package.sty of "\usepackage{comment}", if I dont use this package everything works fine
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