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Vintage - Jump over delimiters / braces?

Vintage - Jump over delimiters / braces?

Postby highend on Tue Sep 04, 2012 8:39 am


this is "a very special" request / question...

With gVim I'm using DelimitMate (https://github.com/Raimondi/delimitMate)
It allows me to have this in my _vimrc file:

" Jump over all delimiters
inoremap <S-CR> <C-R>=delimitMate#JumpMany()<CR>
" Jump over only the next delimiter
inoremap <C-CR> <C-R>=delimitMate#JumpAny("\<C-Tab>")<CR>

This let's me "jump out" or "jump over" a few word delimiters (in insert mode).

E.g. (xys scripting (XYplorer)):
Code: Select all

The "|" is the current cursor position and the closing quotation marks + brackets were created automatically.

When I hit strg+enter the cursor moves to the first place after the closing quotation mark:
Code: Select all

or if I hit shift+enter the cursor moves to the end of the line (over all existing delimiters):
Code: Select all

Is there any way to rebuild this behavior for ST2?

Yeah, I'm really used to it ;)

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