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Visible Horizontal Ruler?

Visible Horizontal Ruler?

Postby kagaku on Tue Sep 04, 2012 8:40 pm

I've been using Sublime Text for a couple weeks now, loving it as a replacement to PSPad (which is great, but rather limited in some aspects). One feature I can't seem to replicate within Sublime is the horizontal ruler PSPad can display. I do quite a lot of work with fixed width ASCII files (financial industry, we're always behind the times!) and having a reference to which column/position without having to move the cursor is a nice feature. The rulers functionality in Sublime doesn't really help aside from giving me a reference to column 80 (or whatever I configure it to), but I'm looking for something almost like a line counter but at the top for columns.

Here is a screenshot:


Is this possible in Sublime? If not, is it possible to write an extension that adds this functionality? I haven't looked at the plugin API yet, so I don't know how complex a plugin can get.

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