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Bug: Â character shows up but invisible.

Bug: Â character shows up but invisible.

Postby permag on Wed Oct 10, 2012 10:41 am

I'm a Mac user with Swedish keyboard.
When writing for example: #container {...} - sometimes and I don't know why the character "Â" is inserted right after the function name BUT invisible. This may be because of an accidently mistype of the brackets, and then I back space and retype the brackets - but it still there.

When writing for example PHP functions, there is no way to see the  character, other than you get error messages trying to run the script, and you have to go back to the function and clear the space between the bracket parentes and the curly brackets, and then you run it and its fine.

In JavaScript and CSS you can see the actual  character from looking at the source code in the browser. The  character will never be invisible in the Sublime Text 2.

Look at this print screen of a html-document with CSS, at .test1 {}, and then see the source code from the browser next to it, the character is showing up there.

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Re: Bug: Â character shows up but invisible.

Postby morr on Mon Jul 21, 2014 8:22 am

This is a huge problem for me as well, it breaks my sites every time I code PHP. I've been trying to find a solution for two years.

It is only happening on Mac (also a Swedish keyboard here) and it's only added after writing statements of this type:

Code: Select all
if ($hello) {

} else {


Will sometimes become:

Code: Select all
if ($hello)Â {

} else {


It does not appear when writing similar functions in JavaScript in the same editor (Sublime, obviously) and computer.

The character is NOT the swedish letter Š(A with a circle above), it's some weird accented  (A with half a circle above) no-one is ever using.

I've only noticed this behaviour in Sublime Text and Coda in OS X.

The characters are visible if I Reopen with encoding ISO 8851-9 instead of UTF-8.
All my files, default settings, databases and file systems are using UTF-8.
This was happening in Sublime Text 2 and is happening in Sublime Text 3.
It is also happening on my other mac (also a swedish keyboard).

As it stands now, I've gotten used to backspacing after writing functions and brackets, but if I ever forget, it breaks the entire site until I've found the character. I mean, nothing is working, for anyone. It will probably get me fired one day.

Please please please, someone smarter than me, help us. I've been furious at Sublime Text many times over this.
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